What pranks did you pull today? Or, were any pranks pulled on you?

What pranks did you pull today? Or, were any pranks pulled on you?

In honor of this fun day, and utilizing the first day of a new curricular week, I decided to pull a prank on my students with new rules. They were greeted with, “New Day. New Week. New Students. New Rules!” I had them silently read the 10 new rules and instructed to sign and date at the bottom for me to ensure they had understood what they read. Underneath the signature was a *HAPPY APRIL FOOLS’!*

Some of these rules included: needing to participate within 8 minutes of class or being marked absent, being on time or standing the whole class, one student needing to buy me a coffee every Friday and Monday, and my favorite, no one can call me teacher, it must be Queen Jennifer. 🙂

Some were fooled, others had an idea, but I think it was an enjoyable way to begin the lesson either way.

So I want to hear from you, what pranks did you pull today or were any pranks pulled on you? How about past pranks, feel free to share everything and anything! <3


  1. Paula B. on April 6, 2014 at 11:56 am

    I don’t remember any pranks that i pulled. Just when i was younger, i tried to say somethings to my mother, but off course she knew that i was lying.
    When i remember that is april folls, and try to to pull a prank on someone, i just start laughing and the person knows that i’m lying.

    Once, my brother pulled a prank on me, saying that he was going to travel with my parents and i couldn’t go with them. I was a kid, and started crying, imaginig that my parents would leave me alone. Then, when my mother listened, she tolds me that was just a joke and she would never do this.

  2. André mendes on April 4, 2014 at 6:37 pm

    This year, 2014, in April Fool’s day pranks who prank me was my dating in Brazil. At morning I was talking with her by Whatsapp and she told me “ wow Andre, today is April Fool`s day…. I will do a prank with you today, ahahah“ and I said, “ no away Bianca, now I already know about your prank, I will remember that all day, and I will know when you try it“.
    However, the day was passing, passing and, of course, in the end of the day I had no idea about she would try pranks me today. When I arrived in my room the first thing that she told me was “ I have a thing to talk with you“, immediately I began to thought about everything that I could, she is pregnant, someone die or she crashed her car. Thanks god was nothing serious was just one more April Fool`s day pranks. So, she began to say “ Andre, when you come back to natal I will be living in Rio de Janeiro, my father get transferred to Rio de Janeiro and I`m going to live there next month, today I started looking for College to transfer my University from Natal to Rio de Janeiro. In the first moment I was terrified, I couldn`t think, I couldn`t move, nothing. After five minutes totally quiet I said her, “it will be good for your career, you will have much more possibilities to get a good job and I coming back I`m going to do a connection in Rio de Janeiro you can see me on airport“, I said that but I was very sad writing that. When I would ask to her stay in natal and finish the College there she said me “ happy april fool`s day“. Five minutes more I had declared myself to her, however thanks god that it didn’t happened.

    Happy April fool`s day for everybody

  3. Ju Bordalo on April 4, 2014 at 10:54 am

    Once my boyfriend pulled a prank on me.
    By that time I didn’t knew his uncle and didn’t knew he was a cabby, so they decided to pick me up to my boyfriend’s house using the yellow car, just pretending Rapha (my boyfriend) was by cab.
    We were on our way to his house and the “cabby” just started talking to us like he was our “friend” and telling that he was going to go to Rapha’s house too, to enjoy the barbecue was going on there. Than, I got jolted, because Rapha just allowed the cabby goes to our barbecue .. I felt afraid of the situation and they just started laughing and making fun of me! It was April 1st and I didn’t notice that …

  4. paulorleao on April 4, 2014 at 12:25 am

    The amount of pregnancy posts on Facebook blew me away.

  5. Aya on April 3, 2014 at 9:39 am

    We had played prank on teacher Lemy in April 1st.
    One of my classmates went to the Lemy’s class and showed memo which was written “Please add to this student in your class by Alfred”.
    After that, we did same things until every class moved to his class.

    At first, he believed, but he found out it is prank after over three students came to his class.
    Finally, last my class mate showed the memo to him, “happy April fool”

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