Happy Teacher Appreciation Day (& Week)

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A “thank you” is something that can pick anyone up (make someone happy), brighten a day, or inspire others to keep on keeping on. Today is a day to say thank you, and to honor educators. Actually, this week is a week to honor educators.  According to Channel 10, “As early as 1944, teachers called for a national day to honor educators. In 1980, the National Education Association (NEA) lobbied congress to create such a day….”

So here we are, beginning this wonderful week to give recognition, appreciation, and a virtual hug and “HIGH-FIVE” to those teachers who have made a difference in our life. Becoming an educator, specifically an ESL instructor, has given me an entirely new appreciation for those who dedicate their lives to teaching others, and choose to share their passion everyday. Although incredibly rewarding overall, this job is not always easy. It can be quite difficult to pour your heart into something, only to realize your sharing it with individuals who might not care. I have definitely, at times, taken a lack of motivation from students quite personally. I wonder why I can’t be the one to inspire someone like others have inspired me. However, still pretty new to this field, I am learning the ins and outs, and most importantly, that I can’t always take it personal. On days when I face less motivation, I try to step out of the situation and think of the students who I know I inspired, motivated, or whose lives I have touched. You know who you are 🙂 I try to remember that, no matter what, I can’t let anyone affect the passion that I have, and the information I want to share.

So I wanted to make a special shout out, and say thank you to the teachers who have influenced me in one way or another, who have made some positive mark on my life, and in the memories of my education. I wanted to create something that could be shared with other teachers who have made a difference. I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone out there in the educational field, whether professionally or on a volunteer basis, whatever you may be doing to help positively influence the life of others. Thank you.

In thinking about my past, and educational experiences, there are many teachers I’ve had that were wonderful. Some made stronger connections, some shared a greater passion.

In thinking about the most recent, and biggest impact someone has made on my life, it would be the professor that helped guide me to where I am today. She opened my eyes to what else was out in the world, and showed me a path that I had never considered. Early on I thought I knew what I wanted to do, therapy with a psych degree, but having met Dr. Suzanne Moineau, in my “science to speech and hearing” class I was opened to the world of speech pathology. She was so motivating, and made learning so enjoyable. She’s friendly and encouraging, and it was that encouragement to go down this path and search for something different, that brought me where I am today. Other things, of course, have affected where I am, but I really hold a special part in my heart for Dr. Moineau, and extend a million hugs, high fives, and thank yous.

Other teachers who hold a special place are my Ramona teachers.

Mr. Bringham: “Who’s the now, You’re the now!” You’ll always be one of my favorites.

Mrs. Snodgrass, Mrs. Brainard, and Coach A Rodriguez: The continued support, guidance, love, throughout high school with the cheer program and academics is unparalleled. You wonderful women made such a huge difference in my life, and the whole program.

Mrs. Bridgewater: She made science fun. She was so happy, all the time, and her passion shined through her smile always. “Pooosh” is one of the forever ‘inside joke’ memories I have in that class, a definite favorite.

Mr. Newman: Hard for words to describe how wonderful Mr. Newman is! Spanish class and Washington D.C. in junior high, and felt his presence through high school as well. He made connections with students, and his passion and dedication could never be second guessed. The educational world is lucky to have him!

Thank you all.


I encourage you to share this post with a teacher who has made a difference. Reach out, and say thank you. Let them know you appreciate them, and show that you care. ♥


Some links if you’d like more information about National Teacher’s Day, links to spread the love to a teacher, or a relevant read!




Happy Learning ♥






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  2. Michel on May 6, 2014 at 7:18 pm

    Wonderful text, I think the best teacher is a special person, because theirs patience and dedication with other people, I have no teacher that let me a mark in my life, the only person that I know is you, that created this blog to help other people..

    When I was giving up to speak english, I know you.

    Thanks for your passion..

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