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American English Pronunciation: -TION, The SCHWA, & Accents

Do you struggle with understanding American English pronunciation? Do you ever feel like you think you understand how a word sounds, but then you hear a native speaker say it differently? Well, don’t worry! American English has a lot of variations in accents and these variations can make words sound different, which is why we’re…

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Improve your English with a personal Bitmoji Avatar

Here I am again, telling you to close those textbooks! Pause that English lecture! Step outside the normal way that you have been learning! Here I am again, telling you to learn outside the box with me, and outside what you’ve been doing. In case you’re new around here, and haven’t had a chance to…

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Travel with Me, Part 1: Packing

When is it too soon to pack for a trip? I’ve been checking the weather, daydreaming our daily itineraries, and thinking about what I’ll need to pick up at the store before I go- do I have a travel toothpaste case? In reality, I started packing almost 2 weeks ago because I was eager, and…

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Active VS Passive Listening

It’s another day and another new skill to review and improve! Welcome to the 2nd activity in the final week of my August Learning Plan! I cannot believe we are almost finished! Time has flown by, hasn’t it? If you are new to this English learning blog, well I am happy to have you! And…

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Gerund vs Infinitive – Part 1

Hiii everyone!! I got this amazing invitation from Jennifer to be here contributing to the blog and your learning and I am sooo excited for it. Why? Because I was/am Jennifer’s student just as you are, so as an ESL learner, I am sure we have a lot to share on this journey of learning…

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