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August Learning Plan’s Week 1 Review: Reading

Congratulations on finishing week number one of the August Learning Plan! Last week you discovered your reading level and reviewed some helpful tips to improve your reading via English Club, as well as practicing and improving your skimming and scanning skills! Week #2 has officially started! That means you only have 1 more day to…

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Phrasal Verb Friday: Summertime!

Happy Friday! ♥ It already feels like summertime here in Tucson, 106° today, and even hotter earlier this week; however, the first official day of summer is this Sunday, June 21. The summer solstice is just a few days away, so I wanted to share some summer related phrasal verbs with you on the blog, with…

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Past Perfect Progressive to Draw Conclusions

Although the title may seem a little daunting (seemingly difficult, overwhelming), you draw conclusions, or say why things happen all the time. You are probably doing this to yourself, in your head, not to mention in your native language, but after today’s post, that’ll all change! Imagine you walk into your office, and your desk was open. “Had someone…

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Phrasal Verb Friday: Actions around the House

Happy Friday! Before sitting down to write this wonderful Phrasal Verb Friday post, I was busy tidying up the house. I had to take out the trash, put away the dishes and do the laundry, which included: picking up the dirty clothes from the floor (oops!!) and hanging up all of the freshly washed clothes to…

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Simple Past vs Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Progressive

Hey! Happy Hump Day!  I haven’t written much this week (or should I say, “I didn’t write much this week.” ?) but be prepared for some exciting stuff coming your way through the weekend! Today is just a quick post to share some grammar tips when talking about the past [and connecting to the present].…

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