improve listening skills in English

8 Ways to Improve Listening Skills in English

A new Everyday English Lesson is ready for you with tips to improve listening skills in English. These Everyday English lessons focus on the skills you need to travel, work and study using English more comfortably and confidently. This month, we are coming back and reviewing the exercises from last year’s October Learning Plan. Last…

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Improve English with Music and English Outside the Box

Improve your English skills with Music

Love music as much as I do? If the answer is yes, then I really hope you are using music to improve your language skills. If you’re not, or you’re not quite sure how, then this suggestion and these tips will help you make the most out of something you love. A great way to…

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Undocumented immigrant can practice law in California

Sergio Garcia’s story Watch the video above, and read the article at this link: Summarize what you understood from the article. In addition, 1) what are your thoughts to this ‘controversy’? 2) Should Sergio be allowed to practice law? Why or why not? Other related articles: CNN:

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