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8 Ways to Improve Listening Skills in English

A new Everyday English Lesson is ready for you with tips to improve listening skills in English. These Everyday English lessons focus on the skills you need to travel, work and study using English more comfortably and confidently. This month, we are coming back and reviewing the exercises from last year’s October Learning Plan. Last week we focused on Vocabulary: 7 Ways to Learn Vocabulary in English.  You should also check the activities on my Instagram to improve your vocabulary skills.

So, today, we are going to talk about 8 Ways to Improve Listening Skills in English. Start practicing your abilities by watching the video lesson on my Youtube Channel.

By watching these live lessons, you are already improving your listening skills, but let’s see some other tips that will definitely help you improve even more.

Let’s review 8 Ways to Improve your Listening Skills

1 – The very first tip is for you to check my Instagram challenges. Follow me at @JenESL760 and try to participate. This week, I am going to use videos to help you practice listening and ask questions, or perhaps teach grammar or use new vocabulary or phrasal verbs. After each video, you’ll have an activity or a challenge to complete and practice with me and other learners.

There are a lot of things happening on my Instagram, so check it out!


2 – The second tip is for you to start using (or start using more) Podcasts.

5 Tips for Using Podcasts to Improve English Skills

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Try and find a podcast created for an English speaking audience, talking about a variety of subjects, so you can get used to people talking in English in a natural way. Review the lesson above for additional tips for using and learning with podcasts.


3 – Listen to Cara from Leo Listening.

Leo-Listening: The Glasgow Nickname Game

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This is an amazing way improve your listening skills by using natural English.


4 – Utilizing music! This is a fun and effective way to learn English.

Improve your English Skills with Music

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When you listen to music, make sure to listen to what the singer says and try to figure out what it means. By listening to music in English you can improve so much. So, put music on as much as you can in your background while doing your daily activities.


5 – Don’t forget to listen to English Across the Pond.

English Across the Pond: 10 Tips to Nail your Job Interview

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This is the Podcast I co-host with my partner Dan from England. Check out these 10 tips to nail your job interview and many more episodes with conversations what will help you learn the differences between American English and British English. In these podcasts, we focus on using phrasal verbs, idioms, and other vocabulary words and grammar in a natural way.

You can also sign up to become an English Across the Pond member and get access to the transcripts, a study plan, and bonus features.


6 –  Another way to improve your listening skills is dictation practice.

Utilize some of these resources we talked about today and try to write down what you hear. You can listen to a small text and write everything or you can listen to something longer and write about the context.


7 – Kirsty is also going to help you with your listening skills.

How Listening to Podcasts can Help you to Improve your English

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Make sure to connect with Kirsty to improve your listening comprehension.



8 – TED talks are a really great way to learn English and learn about very interesting topics.

Listening Comprehension Practice: TEDed Lessons

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But, an even better and more effective way is checking out TEDed lessons. These are lessons made by teachers using TED talks for learning purposes.  It has a more educational focus than regular TED talks, with comprehension questions and bonus materials and links.



An amazing way to improve your pronunciation skills is with Rachel’s English youtube channel. She has so many helpful videos on her YouTube channel talking about the differences between sounds in American English, blends, vowels and other pronunciation principles.


I hope that you find today’s learning resource helpful and you can start practicing immediately with my Instagram challenge. The first one is up and waiting for your answer!


Until next time,

Happy Studying ♥

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  1. Caroline Smith on November 15, 2017 at 1:38 am

    These tips are really helpful for improving listening skills in English. Thanks for sharing this blog. I was looking for some good listening skills activity for my kids, your blog is quite helpful but please suggest me some more tips for improving it.
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  2. Murilo Boteon on October 17, 2017 at 8:22 am

    Hello Jennifer,

    Try to use the website Lyrics Training.
    It’s a good tool to improve listening and writing skills.

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