Learn English Idioms with BLUE

Learn English Idioms with Blue

My last post with a 5 Minute English video about idioms with throat was such a hit (*very popular*) that people were commenting and e-mailing me for more idioms. So, ask and you shall receive because today’s 5 Minute English video is all about idioms, and you’re about to learn English idioms with the color blue.

As I mentioned before and I’ll probably mention again, I LOVE teaching idioms by theme because it’s so much easier for you as a learner to organize and memorize information this way. I recommend keeping a notebook (whether it’s paper or something electronic like Google Docs or Evernote), and separating the idioms you learn into various categories and themes and studying them in this way. You can focus on a theme per day, 5 themes per week, or whatever plan works best for your studying schedule.

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We have a lot of cover today, so let’s get started with the first part of today’s lesson, your 5 Minute English video. Practice your listening comprehension, review my American accent and pronunciation, and take notes on what you hear. When you finish with the video, this blog post will continue below with more details, examples, and practice exercises.

Learn English Idioms with Blue

The idioms reviewed in today’s video were:

blue in the face: for a long time; to do something until you are completely exhausted.

     It’s often used with a verb in this structure: to do something until you’re blue in the face.

        EX: The meeting was so long because the boss talked until he was blue in the face about the year’s numbers and figures.

to get/to have the blues: to be very depressed/to be very sad

     It can be used with light subjects (not too serious) or heavy/serious matters. Context will help you understand the seriousness.

        EX: I just don’t like the winter because I always get the blues.

        EX: Johnny had the blues after his cat died.

out of the blue: when something happens unexpectedly or surprisingly

        EX: I was so surprised when my best friend showed up at my house because she arrived out of the blue.

(to be) black and blue: bruised (skin discoloration from an injury)

     *Note: this can also be used for emotional “bruising”; being hurt emotionally. See the last example below.

        EX: When I was running yesterday, I fell and now my legs are black and blue.


Extra Examples

Mrs. Johnson’s class doesn’t get much speaking practice because she’s always talking until she’s blue in the face.

My mom argued with me about politics until she was blue in the face, but I still don’t agree with her opinions.


Taylor had the blues when her best friend moved to a new country to study abroad.

I always get the blues when I watch the news because of the sad stories and constant tragedies.


Dan received a package out of the blue, and was surprised to see a gift from an old friend!

I hadn’t talked to my best friend from college until she called me last week out of the blue.


Jake and Janet got into a car accident and were completely black and blue.

Tiffany was black and blue after her husband divorced her.


There are many ways to practice these idioms. .

  • Current students: upload your doubts and practice sentences in our online learning documents for review in our next Skype lesson
  • Do you want to learn English on Skype?: We can review these idioms, practice conversation, and so much more in online Skype lessons. Read more online under 1-on-1 Skype lessons above or click here to schedule a trial lesson!
  • Comment below!: You can practice what you heard and read here today by commenting below this blog post, online in our Facebook group, or on Instagram.


  1. What is the last thing you did until you were blue in the face?
  2. Have you had the blues this month?
  3. Do you often do things out of the blue?
  4. When was the last time you were black and blue? What caused it?

Can you think of other examples with the above idioms? Do you know any other idioms with the color, blue? Please feel free to share these new examples and different idioms below for other learners to review as well!

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Happy Studying! ♥


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