how to say im pregnant in English

How to say “I’m pregnant” in English

It’s a cliché to say that time has flown by, especially when talking about how fast children grow up. However, I can’t think of anything more appropriate to say for this first year of motherhood (*being a mother*). Time has flown by! It seems like only yesterday I was announcing that I was pregnant with this 60 Second Saturday video lesson.

Well, it’s time to walk down memory line and review something that many of you will need to say at some point in your life. Today, let’s review how to say I’m pregnant in English!

How to say I’m pregnant in English

As you reviewed in this video:

  • I have a bun in the oven. [idiom]
  • I am expecting. [verb phrase: this means you are expecting to have a baby; you’re preparing for your child’s arrival]
  • I’m knocked up. [phrasal verb – remember this is slang and kind of impolite!]
  • I am with child. [verb phrase: but this is old and formal
  • I am eating for two. [idiom]

Other ways to say “I’m pregnant”:

  • I’m having a baby.
  • I’m preggers/prego.


Talking about pregnancy in English is really important and it’s useful to have the necessary vocabulary available to use. You may need to talk about being pregnant, or ask your friends, colleagues, or classmates about it.

This lesson, Ways to Talk about Pregnancy, will give you many new vocabulary words with a lot of sentence examples and ways to practice. Click here for the full lesson.

Practice Makes Perfect

Do you know someone who’s expecting? Do you have a bun in the oven? Practice using these new expressions by commenting some of your own sentences below!

Until next time,

Happy Studying! ♥

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