how to say im pregnant in English

How to say “I’m pregnant” in English

It’s a cliché to say that time has flown by, especially when talking about how fast children grow up. However, I can’t think of anything more appropriate to say for this first year of motherhood (*being a mother*). Time has flown by! It seems like only yesterday I was announcing that I was pregnant with…

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ways to say happy birthday

7 New Ways to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY in English

Someone very special to me is celebrating a birthday today! While it is very (very) common to simply say, “Happy Birthday” to someone on their special day, today I’d like to help you expand your vocabulary and give you 7 new ways to say Happy Birthday in English! So if you’re feeling bored with the…

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english expressions with baby

English Expressions with Baby + Kid

I hope you feel like a kid in a candy store when you read this English lesson! Today you’re going to learn English expressions with baby, and you’ve already started the lesson by reading one of the expressions in context. When you learn new expressions in context, in sentence examples, understanding the meaning is like…

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everyday english expressions to help conversations and english fluency

Everyday English Expressions to Help Conversations

English fluency is the ability to speak English easily and smoothly, and part of this is being able to move through a conversation, redirect something when needed, give more details, or organize what wants to be said. Expressions are helpful in doing this, but these expressions aren’t always found in the dictionary. Luckily, you’re in the right…

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