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7 New Ways to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY in English

Someone very special to me is celebrating a birthday today! While it is very (very) common to simply say, “Happy Birthday” to someone on their special day, today I’d like to help you expand your vocabulary and give you 7 new ways to say Happy Birthday in English!

So if you’re feeling bored with the same English expressions, and you want to be more creative when you honor someone – this 60 Second Saturday lesson is for you!

First, watch the video and learn 7 new ways to express yourself in English! Then continue reading below for the lesson notes for this video.

7 New Ways to say Happy Birthday in English

    1. I / We wish you a happy birthday!
    2. Enjoy your special day!
    3. Wishing you a.. (adjective) birthday!
      1. Wishing you an amazing birthday! Wishing you a fabulous birthday! Wishing you a fun birthday!
    4. Have a good day! Have a great birthday!
    5. I hope you have a great birthday!
    6. May all your wishes come true this year!
    7. *BONUS* Congratulations on another year around the sun!

Do you know someone celebrating a birthday? Send them a message, an email, or give them a call today and use one of these new expressions!

Or – share this lesson with them as a special gift to if they’re learning English!

Until next time,

Happy Studying! ♥

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  1. Khin Maung Nyunt on August 19, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    As English is a second language for me,
    every lesson is valuable, especially everyday English is more useful .

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