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August Learning Plan’s Week 1 Review: Reading

Congratulations on finishing week number one of the August Learning Plan! Last week you discovered your reading level and reviewed some helpful tips to improve your reading via English Club, as well as practicing and improving your skimming and scanning skills! Week #2 has officially started! That means you only have 1 more day to…

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8 Benefits of English (Language) Exchange

As you read the title, you may be thinking that the benefits of a language exchange partner are obvious, right? You get to practice speaking, which leads to improving your fluency. Ok, blog post done. However, let me specify here that I am writing about the benefits of English exchange amongst learners, and not necessarily with a…

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Flashback|Phrasal Verb Friday: Coachella

Ah, Coachella. Frolicking (playing and moving about happily) in the California desert with my best friends, listening to endless music for 3 days, I only wish I could partake (to join with others in doing something) in this festival every year. It’s been one week since this fabulous vacation, and I am definitely feeling the “post Coachella depression”…

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Learn English Online with English Outside the Box

The Benefits of Studying English Online

“I want to study a language, I just don’t know where I can find the time.” “My schedule changes too much to commit to a class schedule.” “I am already trying to balance work, family, friends, and LIFE. How can I add something else?” “The closest language school is still too far.” “I don’t have…

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Word of the weekend: forte

Why is it useful? Use this word to explain what you like and what you’re good at! Or, just the opposite.. Let someone know you’re not up to something, because it’s not your ‘forte’. additional vocabulary: to be up to something – be interested in doing Courtesy: Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary

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