Flashback|Phrasal Verb Friday: Coachella

Ah, Coachella. Frolicking (playing and moving about happily) in the California desert with my best friends, listening to endless music for 3 days, I only wish I could partake (to join with others in doing something) in this festival every year. It’s been one week since this fabulous vacation, and I am definitely feeling the “post Coachella depression” (it’s a real thing, there’s even a hashtag!). So combining Flashback Friday and Phrasal Verb Friday seemed like the best way to re-live the experience. You and I can live vicariously through this post and take a literary journey to this musical paradise, oh, and of course, learn phrasal verbs!

Last week I showed you how to learn phrasal verbs by focusing on a main verb and then adding particles. Well, this week I will teach you 17 new phrasal verbs through context. Read below about my weekend in Indio at the Coachella Festival, and see how I use the verbs, then scroll down to read their specific definitions. When you’re finished I strongly encourage you to try and use these words in your own sentence and question examples. Remember, when you don’t apply what you’ve learned in a personal context, you are very likely to forget it, so feel free to write your own examples in the comments.

I set out for the weekend early Friday morning with my best friend, whose name is ‘Boozykins’. We were both excited to get away for the weekend and had been looking forward to the weekend all year. After a couple of hours in the car we arrived at our condo, but had to wait 2 hours to check in; however, that was no problem with the pool nearby. While waiting for our room and lying out by the pool, our other friends arrived and we got more and more pumped up (excited). When the time came to finally check in, we hurried into the room, got ready, and made our way (went in the direction of) to the shuttle buses. The bus dropped us off about 10 minutes from the festival entrance, and then our fun began. The day was spent cruising around the polo grounds, checking out bands we loved, food and drinks that looked tasty, and rocking out to over favorite jams (music/songs). ACDC was the headliner on Friday night, and I was so stoked (incredibly excited) that I was able to get some of the light-up  devil horn headbands they were giving out. 

Saturday and Sunday were spent doing more or less the same thing, but in this case the “same ol’ same ol'” was far from repetitive or boring. We were always looking around the festival for new and exciting opportunities: bands, food, drink, people, etc.. Both days had their highlights, but I was really looking forward to  Saturday, because I got to watch ‘Glass Animals’ perform, a band that has made their way to my favorite list as I recently have gotten very into them. Sunday was equally as great, for different reasons, since I was able to take a step back into time (re-visit past [good] memories) and listen to some Circa Survive. Although I expected things to get a little “crazy” being at the front of the stage, I wasn’t expecting to almost get knocked out when lead singer, Anthony Green dove into the crowd. But I made it out alive 😉 and have a story to tell.

I could go on and on, but I can’t overwhelm you with phrasal verbs in just one lesson. I cannot wait to go back, and if you are able to put up with the near 100 (and sometimes over) degree heat, I suggest you check it out someday, too!

set out: to start the journey somewhere

get away: to leave home and go somewhere for a vacation

look forward to: to be very excited about

check in: arrive at a hotel, and register you are there to receive your room

lie out: (often pronounced “lay out”) to lie in the sun to get a tan

drop off: to let a person out of a vehicle at a destination

cruise around: to casually walk from one place to another with no hurry or aim in direction

check out: to look/see/watch something that is interesting

rock out: to play/listen/dance to music energetically

give out: to give something to many people (to hand out)

look around: to search for something; to explore a place to see what there is

get into: to become very interested in something and enjoy it (recently involved)

knocked out: to hit someone so hard they become unconscious

make it out: to successfully get through(pass) a challenge or obstacle

go on: to continue talking

go back: to return to a place

put up with: to tolerate or handle, allow something unpleasant to continue (the heat)

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