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Use Podcasts to Learn English | English Across the Pond, an ESL Podcast

Using Podcasts to Learn English

We are so lucky to have what seems like unlimited amounts of technology and resources to learn languages. There are various websites, apps, of course online tutors and language schools, books, Instagram and social media accounts, and the list goes on. However, podcasts are definitely a resource that all English learners should be using, because these audio files…

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5 English Phrasal Verbs with LAY

Today’s lesson was inspired by Instagram, specifically by a post I did last week about the verbs LIE and LAY. I wasn’t surprised when my Insta students confused these two words, because even native English speakers mix them up! The most common confusion is using “lay” when you should use “lie” ((*NOTE: YES! “lie” does mean…

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Technologies in the Classroom: 7 Educational Trends Teachers Can Use in 2016

Today is a guest post that has been written for not only teachers wanting to incorporate more technology into their class environments, but also students looking for some new websites and resources to tackle some more self-study. You can read more about the author, Rose, below her article.   To take today’s post a step…

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Idioms, Phrasal Verbs + more with PEEL

As you have learned along your English journey, words in English can have multiple meanings, be used in different contexts, and have completely different meanings when part of an idiom or phrasal verb. During breakfast the other day, I was peeling my banana and had a thought about the many different uses of the word…

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How to Use the Perfect Tense (s) in English

Ah, the perfect tenses. Many people would disagree that these tenses are not”perfect” because they actually cause a lot of confusion and difficulty with learning and understanding English. However, they don’t need to be confusing and I am here today to help you understand each of the 6 perfect tenses. I will explain the structure,…

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