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Best of 60 Second Saturday

60 Second Saturday was born on my Instagram, with the exciting addition of extended 60-second video lengths last year. I was on a mission to teach mini-lessons every week, giving my learners a helpful resource they could easily and conveniently add to their study routine.

After a year of doing 60 Second Saturdays on Instagram, I moved the series to YouTube and this learning blog to include longer lesson notes and practice exercises.

There’s a chance that you haven’t had the opportunity to review previous lessons because of the new additions every week, which is why I wanted to give you a chance to practice with some oldies but goodies.

This week, let’s review your best of 60 Second Saturday! You can review the playlist below or check out Instagram’s hashtag #60SecondSaturday to watch some past lessons.

Review the hashtag videos by clicking here…

When you finish reviewing the lessons, I’d love to know…

  • Which one’s your favorite?
  • What is something new you learned with my mini lesson today?
  • Which are you going to share with a friend? 🙂

Happy Studying!♥

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