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Using Podcasts to Learn English

We are so lucky to have what seems like unlimited amounts of technology and resources to learn languages. There are various websites, apps, of course online tutors and language schools, books, Instagram and social media accounts, and the list goes on. However, podcasts are definitely a resource that all English learners should be using, because these audio files…

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Learn English in 60 Seconds with English Outside the Box on Instagram

Learn English in 60 Seconds

Technology and the convenience of smartphones, wifi, and various apps have been continuing to make learning so much easier, especially for people “on the go” (*busy: traveling, or moving around a lot*). If you are someone who is busy, but still wants and needs to learn English, then today I am sharing with you some…

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Earth Day Idioms & English Expressions + video

This blog post is an updated article from a few years ago. I’ve added a 5 minute English video, and a new idiom for your learning pleasure! The post is inspired by Earth Day, which is right tomorrow, Friday April 22! In honor of our loving Mother Earth, I hope you enjoy the post. Below, in the…

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Understand REAL conditionals in English

(EXAMPLE 1)This post is helpful if you want to improve your English. If you are reading this post, you are probably studying English. If you are not studying English, you are a fellow teacher or just an English lover. (EXAMPLE 2) If you continue reading this post, you will better understand the real conditionals in…

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Idioms, Phrasal Verbs + more with PEEL

As you have learned along your English journey, words in English can have multiple meanings, be used in different contexts, and have completely different meanings when part of an idiom or phrasal verb. During breakfast the other day, I was peeling my banana and had a thought about the many different uses of the word…

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