My favorite Websites to Study English

Hello! This is just a quick post to share some of my favorite online learning links for studying English online. Has anyone had the unfortunate experience of reviewing homework, feeling confident, then getting to class to find it all wrong? 😐 Well, not anymore.

The great thing about all 4 sites I am sharing with you is the ability to self-study, which means you can learn English online without a teacher.  All of them are interactive, using different activities and exercises, allowing you to review English vocabulary, grammar, reading, and listening that you can check your answers and review if needed. No need to wait until the next class or tutor session, no need to postpone learning. Start learning English now.

learn english on quizlet, english vocabulary  Quizlet is one of my favorite homework extensions, and a really great tool to practice, expand, and master your English vocabulary. One of the most amazing things about this site, also an app available to download on smart devices, is the many different skills to improve. Dictation (hearing the word) and spelling, typing skills, pronunciation, and of course, definition and word matching. Although the mobile version offers less activities, the full site offers flash cards, learn, tests, spelling, and 2 fun games. When you check it out, be sure to find me and my lists (more to come of course):

learn english online with (another HW favorite) is really helpful to practice listening in English and improve listening comprehension skills, especially to get you ready for tests or quizzes. This means that this is a great tool for studying for the TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, etc…  The site is organized into different English skill levels, so you will be sure to find something good for you. There are countless (*too many to count*) videos on just about any topic your heart desires. Just use the search box to find something that interests you, or stop by my account and send me some of your scores:


learn english online on Oh, how I love your attention to details and your passion that matches mine to teach others. This English learning site offers so much more than grammar; however, I mostly use this as a grammar extension to my lessons, especially on weekends. There are detailed descriptions, pictures, examples, common mistakes, uses, and so much more on every tense in English, followed by a few different online grammar exercises that you can complete and get the answers to. Other resources include: vocabulary, weekly lessons, reading, listening, and games. Definitely visit this page to improve your English skills!


learn english on englishclub A long time user and advocate for, but a new member: , this site offers tons of information and opportunities to learn English online. Every skill set has different lessons that you can do, and interactive activities as well. There are different categories outside of grammar skills, giving you the chance to read English jokes, idioms, and also explore a variety of themes. Studying English on this site can also help you prepare for the TOEFL exam.


There you go, I hope you find some of these websites and links useful to study English online. Do you have another favorite website to improve English? Comment below and let me know!

Happy studying, learning, and remember if you like any of these links, be sure to share this page with others: sharing is caring! ♥


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