June Word & Photo Challenge

Join me on Instagram and/or Facebook to connect through the power of words. Make June more exciting, find the beauty in words and how many interpretations there can be. These photo challenges are a great way to start paying more attention to what’s around you, you can feel inspired by life’s most simple objects, and if English isn’t your first language, you can maybe practice some new vocabulary 😉

To participate, follow/friend me on Instagram: @JenESL760   or   Facebook: www.facebook.com/JenESL760

Next, snap a photo of what represents each day and make sure to hashtag #JensESLblog and tag me so I can see!

Miss a day? That’s okay! Double post #latergram on the same day or just look forward to the new day’s challenge…

Don’t have these forms of social media? What year are you living in?! 🙂 Jokes aside, feel free to post on your blog, and include a pingback to let me know.

Happy Connecting! ♥ xoxo


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