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Free Friday: Grammar with MODAL review

Modals Modals Modals!

Wait. First, what are they?

Modals are auxiliary verbs, also known as “helping” verbs. These aux. verbs help change the meaning of main verbs to express a variety of things, such as: ability, possibility, obligation, etc..

Review some of the most common English modals with this fun infographic! When you feel you’ve reviewed enough, try completing some of the exercises I’ve included below. Add some of your own example sentences in the comment section to practice.

Good Luck!



Exercises: (see answers below)

1. You ______________ smoke in this building, because it’s a smoke-free area.

2. Monday through Thursday I ___________ wear a suit to work; however, Fridays are casual so I ___________.

3. Oh my gosh! I totally forgot about the project deadline tomorrow, now I definitely ________ go with you to happy hour.

4. When Alex was younger, he ___________ run 10 miles easily. Now it’s almost impossible!

5. This test is so important for your future, I definitely think you ________ study more.

6. I told Luciana that she ___________ participate in that marathon after she hurt her ankle. She could get hurt!


Psssst….Are you finished? See the answers below.


1. must not       2. a) have to/have got to/must  ||| b) don’t have to        3. can’t          4. could        5. should/ought to/had better      6. had better not/should not


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