Free Friday: Listening Comprehension with TED

Practice Listening Comprehension & Vocabulary with TEDtalks

Well, today is an excellent day to not only provide you with my Free Friday lesson…err, umm..Saturday lesson, but to also teach you the phrase, “it’s better late than never!”

Something is ‘better late than never’ when that something is worth enough (is important enough) to provide, rather than forgetting and not providing it at all. Being late is never favorable; however, as a 2nd choice…it’s better than having absolutely nothing!

This week’s Free Lesson is using a video from the great TEDtalks, and will give practice with listening comprehension, vocabulary/expressions, and learning vocabulary & synonyms through context.

I’ve used and adapted some of the lesson from LinguaHouse, which is a great learning resource I mentioned last week in my Free Friday post.


  • First, complete the vocabulary section, below.
  • Then, you can use the video link provided to watch Derek Silver’s presentation directly on You can complete the listening comprehension exercise 2 different ways: 1) answer the T/F while you watch. |OR| 2) listen, take notes, and then try and answer the questions.
  • Finally, use the contextual clues and synonyms provided to practice additional vocabulary.


get full lesson at

Listening Comprehension

Derek Silvers: Keep your goals to yourself

ListenTF_ff_LinguahouseSynonyms & Vocabulary with Context

Synonyms_FFSo, how do you think you did? Check your answers here, and practice writing/expressing yourself by sharing your opinion in the comment section of the questions below.



Discussion Questions ~ writing

  • What did you think of the speaker’s opinions? Do you agree or disagree?
  • Have you ever had the experience of announcing your goal, and then not following through?
  • Are goals important?
  • What are some of your accomplished goals?

Thank you! Happy Studying!

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For full Linguahouse Lesson visit: and enter lesson code: GNF5-SRNB-B475-X

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